uKnowKids Makes Parenting Easier, and Keeps Kids Safe Online and on the Mobile Phone

Created by parents to help parents, uKnowKids is protecting kids in more than 50 countries around the world.


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Is your child using social and mobile technologies safely and responsibly?

uKnowKids can help because we give you the insights and advice you need to parent your kids in our digital world!

My child's digital world will soon be expanding


Mom and Dad, have you recently said this? "My kid wants to get on social media." Or "My 11 year old is bugging me for a mobile phone."


Mom and Dad, have you recently said this? "I just found out my son was sexting." Or "I'm afraid my child is being bullied on Facebook." Or "My daughter has posted photos that could harm her reputation."


My child has engaged in risky behavior on social media or the mobile phone.



The All-inclusive Tool for Monitoring Your Child's Digital and Mobile Activities


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A high-level overview.

Find out who your child interacts with most frequently; when he is most active on his cell phone; review recently added social networking friends; and much more.
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Dig in deeper when necessary.

Review posted pictures, messages, comments, captions, status updates, and more. Notification system flags risky posts, activities and people; and translates slang and text-lingo.
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Social Scan.
Your child's digital footprint.

Social Scan mines the deep web in order to identify publicly-available social networking profiles a parent's child may have created without permission or that need tighter privacy restrictions.
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Family Locator.
Locate, connect, and share.

Constantly "checking in" is a hassle for both parents and kids. Avoid the nuisance while still keeping your peace-of-mind by scheduling automatic check-ins or creating geofences around places of interest.
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  • Nihaya Abed
    Glendale Heights
    Peace of mind
    My daughter is almost 16 years old, and as we all know, teenagers can make mistakes. When they have a mobile phone in their hand, those mistakes can have consequences. uKnowKids helps me sleep much better at night. With this app, I am able to monitor what is going on her digital life. If I see something going wrong, I can address it right away. I really encourage every parent to use uKnowKids. It is worth every penny. Just remember that you buy a coffee and donut every morning. This app is worth more than your coffee and donut!
  • Greg Strizek
    Falls Church
    An early warning system
    We have found that the majority of our child's e-communications are pretty mild and safe. However, uKnowKids provides us with an 'early warning system'. As soon as we see anything - new friends or contacts, photos posted online, language that is beyond what she should be using, etc... we can engage in meaningful conversations about digital safety and responsible behaviors. We also found that uKnowKids was an educational resource for us... the parents. Overall, uKnowKids exceeded our expectations.
  • Elizabeth Basherian
    Text lingo translations… Great!
    Earlier, I got an email from uKnowKids letting me know that there was some possible misconduct or mischief in a text message, and you included text lingo definitions and suggestions for me as a parent. Very impressive. It caught me off guard, but your Text Lingo Notifications are a great feature!!!


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