More than a monitoring service, uKnowKids is Parental Intelligence.

We help you understand your child’s digital footprint so you can focus on what you do best – parenting.

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Parental Intelligence Tools, Content, and Community

Real-time analysis of your child’s social and mobile activities in an easy-to-use online or mobile dashboard. Plus educational resources on the latest trends impacting your family.


What’s on Your Child’s Mobile Phone?

Stay connected with how your child communicates on his or her phone. Review text messages, call history, apps, and photos on your child’s Android. See photos and contacts on an iPhone.


Keep Current On Social Media Activity

If you provide log-in credentials, we can help you make better sense of who your child is connecting with and how they are interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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No Hassle Way to Keep Track of Where Your Kids Are

Family Locator tools for Android and iPhone let’s parents schedule automatic “check-ins” and set “geofences” to receive alerts when your child enters or leaves the geofenced area.

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Explore Our Parenting Tools

What’s Possible With uKnowKids’ All-in-One Parenting Tools?

Text Message Monitoring

Read and review your tween or teen's Android Text Messages.

Facebook Monitoring

See all public and private Facebook interactions.

Instagram Monitoring

Full visibility to what images your child is publishing on Instagram.

Mobile Image Monitoring

Review all images that are saved on your child's phone.

Twitter Monitoring

Stay on top of social media's most dangerous 140 character Tweets.

Location Monitoring

Stay up to date with on-the-go teens without constantly "checking in".

Instant Notifications

Customized notifications alerting you to the "must see" interactions.

All-in-one Dashboard

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iOS and Android - all in one place.

Insight and Intelligence

Receive smart analysis of what's really going on and why.


Learn From Our Free Digital Parenting Resources.

Spotlight on Sexting


Stop your children before they hit “send,” and you could protect them from terrifying consequences.

Cyberbullying Prevention


Combat cyberbullying with great recommendations, facts and advice from Internet safety experts.

Digital Parenting


Navigate digital parenting and raise connected kids who are both safe and trustworthy online and on mobile phones.

Dozens of high-quality digital parenting resources,
from Swatting to SnapChat and everything in between.
Learn from our constantly updated library.




I now have the perfect dashboard to monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and mobile phone activity, and I can be assured that my daughters are making the correct moral choices while using technology.

--James M.


I can sleep better knowing that uKnow is watching my kid where I can't, and I am thankful for the unremitting education on cybersecurity and the tools they provide.

--Fernando D.


This product is so easy to use, and it will protect your kids from unseen dangers online. When I use it, I don't have to worry so much about the information my daughter is giving out and who is trying to contact her!

--Ruth H.

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