Peace of mind

My daughter is almost 16 years old, and as we all know, teenagers can make mistakes. When they have a mobile phone in their hand, those mistakes can have consequences. uKnowKids helps me sleep much better at night. With this app, I am able to monitor what is going on her digital life. If I see something going wrong, I can address it right away. I really encourage every parent to use uKnowKids. It is worth every penny. Just remember that you buy a coffee and donut every morning. This app is worth more than your coffee and donut!

Nihaya Abed
Glendale Heights, IL

An early warning system

We have found that the majority of our child's e-communications are pretty mild and safe. However, uKnowKids provides us with an 'early warning system'. As soon as we see anything - new friends or contacts, photos posted online, language that is beyond what she should be using, etc... we can engage in meaningful conversations about digital safety and responsible behaviors. We also found that uKnowKids was an educational resource for us... the parents. Overall, uKnowKids exceeded our expectations.

Greg Strizek
Falls Church, VA

Easy to understand

I have found it to be the most thorough monitoring system and the easiest to read and understand. I'm still learning but so far it's been super. I've also referred uKnowKids to a few people!!

Lela Brown
Edmund, OK

Better than TeenSafe

I just wanted to let you know I love your service and I just cancelled my subscription with TeenSafe. This is a much better service and I receive more information than I did from TeenSafe. I highly recommend uKnowKids. Thanks again!

Rachel Seville
Blacksburg, VA

Customer Testimonials

Outstanding customer service

You saved my kid!

Your product and your customer service is outstanding. I am doing an upcoming parent series to help moms and dads keep their kids safe online and I will definitely give your program a “shout-out!”. Thanks again.

I know you are on vacation, but I just had to share with you that the product you referred me to, uKnowKids, is amazing!!! After I subscribed, I discovered some creepy man sending messages to my child through a game. Thank you for telling me about such an awesome product!

Stu Hodges
Yorktown, VA

Anna Worden
Sarasota, FL

Everything you said it would be

My main concern was if uKnowKids could really give me all the information I wanted to keep my kids safe. So far this has been everything it has said it would be. I like knowing my kids are where they say they are going to be. I like knowing that my kids are hanging out with the people that they say they will be with. So far I love all the information at my fingertips!!! AND I would recommend uKnowKids to my friends and family.

Love the photo monitoring

I really value the fact that uKnowKids helps me keep an eye on the photos that my kids are sending to other people. uKnowKids does what they say it will do, and when I have a question or issue, I always get lots of help from the uKnowKids team. The CEO has even been helpful when I have had questions along the way.

Kathy Moorehead
Oklahoma City, OK

Michele Holliman
Dothan, AL

Family Locator is favorite tool


The Family Locator has by far been one of the best tools I have discovered on uKnowKids. The other things I am discovering is it is wonderful that I can follow so many social media accounts of my child. I also like the Social Scan tools. That too is very helpful in trying to make sure my child is doing what is asked of her and if she does not, the Social Scan gives me a chance to reach out to her in regards to her overstepping our rules for her.

With uKnowKids, my family is more connected than ever before. My kids know I have their back and that I don't have to be constantly looking over their shoulder to do so. This gives them the privacy they want, while giving me the peace of mind I need as a digital parent. I have had many conversations with my kids, that without uKnowKids, I would not have known I needed to have. This is by far the best parenting tool I have for raising good digital citizens in this new world and for keeping them safe online. Priceless, I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Melinda Honeycutt
Pelham, AL

Hannah Masters
Coeur d'Alene, ID