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Tim Woda

Tim Woda


“Like many of you, I have heard too many stories of children falling victim to cyberbullying, teenage indiscretions becoming a permanent part of the Internet and even child predators. But when one of my own children became the target of an Internet predator a few years ago, it was a real wake up call.

While my child was not harmed and the predator is now in prison, it forced me to think about ways to prevent the technologies kids use from opening doors to such risks and how to make the parenting of ‘digital kids’ a little easier.” – Tim Woda, Co-founder.

Joined by his brother Steve Woda, founder of buySAFE, Tim and a talented team of entrepreneurs and technologists began development on the world’s first Parental Intelligence System that would leverage the team’s tremendous knowledge of Internet security and risk management to help parents keep their social and mobile kids safe.

The concept of uKnow.com was born in June of 2009. From there, the team developed an online service, called uKnowKids, that enables you to connect to your child’s digital world. Our technology helps protect kids from predators, bullies and sexting. Unlike parental control software, uKnowKids enables parents to “have their child’s back” without constantly looking over his or her shoulder. By giving parents the information they need to educate their children about staying safe online and the access to smarter tools to supervise them in a digital world, uKnowKids helps make technology safer for kids and less intimidating for parents. With proactive solutions available, such as the notification and alert system if a child is involved in a risky situation, uKnowKids equips parents with uniquely intelligent tools to keep their kids safe.