uKnowKids Helps Parents Keep Tabs on Kids’ Online Lives –, Baltimore, MD

uKnowKids and Tim Woda were featured on Baltimore's ABC2 IN FOCUS new magazine. This segment educated parents how to keep tabs on their kids' social madia activity and online lives.

uKnowKids and Tim Woda on Fox News

Fox News in DC covered uKnowKids' Parental Intelligence System and Tim Woda prominently in February of 2013. Watch the full segment here.

Tim Woda guest stars on The Ricki Lake Show

The Show: "How much is too much when it comes to sharing on Social Media?"

We'll hear from a father whose son nearly fell into an insidious trap set by an online child predator, and the actions he took to catch the predator and protect kids in the future. We'll meet a shocked mom horrified by what her daughter was posting on Facebook. She used social media to teach her daughter a lesson she'll never forget. And a social media expert breaks down the do's and don'ts of sharing on social media with a "netiquette" primer.

Tim Woda and uKnowKids on Fox News 5, DC

Tim Woda and uKnowKids were prominently covered on Fox News 5 in Washington, DC on October 4, 2012. Tim discusses how he tracked down and helped bring justice to an online predator that was stalking his child. It is an inspiring, powerful story. He also shares a number of important safety tips for parents and describes how uKnowKids helps make parenting easier.

uKnowKids covered prominently on Fox 32 Chicago

uKnowKids and Tim Woda were featured on one of Chicago's biggest news sites after a local sexting scandal rocked the city. uKnowKids provides an easy solution to help you protect your child from the pitfalls of sexting.

Software Helps Parents Monitor Their Children Online

“Ms. Cofield, a retired government tax agent who runs an online travel business, chose a tool called, which combs the granddaughter’s Facebook page and text messages. uKnowKids sends her alerts about inappropriate language. It also offers Ms. Cofield a dashboard of the child’s digital activities, including what she says on Twitter, whom she texts and what photos she is tagged in on Facebook. It translates teenage slang into plain English she can understand: “WUD” is shorthand for “What are you doing?” Ms. Cofield checks it daily.” Helps Parents Monitor Kids’ Digital Behavior

“There are lots of services out there that help you monitor your kids’ online activity, their cell phones, their social media accounts, but not many that let you do all at the same time. uKnowKids just launched a new service that aims to help parents learn more about their children’s digital worlds and protect their privacy on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, as well as on their cell phones as well.”

Six Things You Need to Do Right Now to Protect Your Kid's Smartphone

Keep a watchful eye. You may also want to consider installing what uKnowKids CEO Steve Woda calls a "parental interlligence system" that lets you know who your teens are calling or texting, what apps they're surfing, and shut things down if necessary.

Neil J. Rubenking, Lead Analyst for Security at PC Magazine gave uKnowKids an Editor Rating of EXCELLENT

uKnowKids and Tim Woda were featured on one of Chicago’s biggest news sites after a local sexting scandal rocked the city. uKnowKids provides an easy solution to help you protect your child from the pitfalls of sexting.

PCWorld: Rated 4/5 Stars
"For any parent, the Internet-and all its related devices-can seem like the lawless wild west. But bringing order to the chaos is a little easier with a service like, which monitors your child's social network, mobile phone activity, and GPS location. (various pricing, starting at free) de-livers a useful overview of your child's online behavior, while also alerting you to problematic activity. compares favorably to its competition."
Yoursphere For Parents: Certified Software
uKnowKids's monitoring capabilities are where the software really shines. Once accounts and phones are synced up, parents can view private messages, news feeds, texts and phone call history to see who their child is friends with and who they're talking to. No need to worry if your child normally accesses Facebook, Twitter or MySpace from a mobile device - uKnowKids monitors their profile, regardless of the device they access it on. Depending on how you filter the information using the Notifications toolbar, parents can view communication exchanges that uKnow deems suspicious or inappropriate.

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